HDR photography

For the last one year or so I have been completely fascinated by HDR photos and the dynamics behind them.On my recent trip through Europe I decided to try it out with my camera and see how it went. I got a lot of good results. A few bad ones but mostly good. Here is the gallery of the HDR pictures I've compiled over time.

MessGriffith ObservatoryChinese TheaterUnion StationUnion BagelSt Pauls Kensington PalaceBath AbbeyScottish HillsLoch LomondInverary CastleStonehenge CountrysideOld SarumWocester College QuadWocester CollegeRadcliffe CameraChristchurch College Scottish ChurchOxford MeadowBruggeBeholdRodin HouseEiffel Tower
HDR a set on Flickr

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